Csun Solar Panels

China Sunergy is one of the biggest sun powered makers on the planet. CSUN sun oriented boards are intended for private and commercial, housetop and ground-mounted, and additionally on-network and off-framework photovoltaic undertakings. Utilizing progressed monocrystalline and polycrystalline innovation with productivity up to 16%, CSUN sun powered boards have a 25 year execution guarantee. They are UL, CEC California, FSEC Florida and TUV guaranteed with control yield going from 210 watts to 350 watts DC. China Electric Equipment Group (CEEG) is an open organization (NASDAQ: CSUN) has practical experience in control transformer, PV sunlight based energy and power electronic innovation. Starting in late 2017, CSUN China Sunergy is to start MADE IN THE USA sun oriented module creation in Sacramento, California.