Residential Solar Solutions

Powering your home or holiday villa with Solaxo solar energy means saving thousands of rupees over the next 25 years or more. It also means generating clean, renewable energy to meet your needs. Find out why our residential customers are choosing solar power for their homes and villas, and learn how you can save on your energy bills for years to come by making smart choices now.

Our residential effort is one of the most comprehensive programs on the market designed to serve our customer’s long term needs. Unlike commercial applications, homeowners often are much more limited in space and usually work with a more limited budget.

We use the newest solar technology to build scalable systems that perform better and last longer than older, traditional systems. We back this up with a 25 year warranty on all PV parts and components.

We also have customers with complete off-grid systems that live and operate completely independent from any power company. A third option is a bimodal system that uses a battery bank and energy reserve system for complete power outages but still functions with the power grid on normal days.


Reduce Your Energy Bills

Conventional energy prices continue to rise, while alternative clean energy solutions are becoming increasingly affordable. Lock in today’s energy rates for the next 25 years. Helping save the planet now saves you money as well.

Get Energy Independent

By installing a solar system, you become less dependent on the state-owned electricity provider and their rate increases. The portion of your electricity needs that come from your solar system will never get more expensive.

Go Green

As Indonesia’s economy grows, so does our need for energy. We have a choice how that energy is generated. The energy we buy from conventional suppliers is produced by burning fossil fuels. The right choice makes sense for you and the environment.

Build a Smart Home

Solar systems connect easily to smart home technologies. You can check online or on your mobile how much electricity you use and how much is produced by your own system.

Solaxo Energy provides the following solutions to its domestic customers:

  • 1kva Solar Hybrid Solution
  • 3kva Solar Hybrid Solution
  • 3kw Solar On-Grid Solution
  • 5kva Solar Hybrid Solution
  • 7.5kva Solar Hybrid Solution
  • 10kva Solar Hybrid Solution
  • 10kw Solar On-Grid Solution