Suntech Solar Panels

Suntech to delivery reliable performance over time! A world-class manufacturer of crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules, Suntech has unrivaled manufacturing capacity and world-class technology. Panels undergo rigorous quality control meeting the highest international standards, including ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004 and ISO 17025: 2005. This is backed up by regular independently checked production processes from internationally accredited institutes and companies, as well as 2 x 100% EL inspection ensuring defect-free modules.

Solaxo Energy expects to give brilliant sunlight based item in Pakistan keeping in mind the end goal to take out energy emergencies in evident implications. To keep up the elevated requirements of items Solaxo Energy has made an association with esteemed sun powered assembling organizations including SunTech. SunTech is a major name in sun based industry and globally adulated by its clients because of solid, premium, and savvy items. Solaxo Energymade organization with SunTech sun based boards as both have similar objectives, i.e. using regular assets to defeat the energy emergency.

SunTech Solar Panels are of two type Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline . All items offer great cost to-execution proportion and similarly gainful for domestic and industrial segments. Solaxo Energy is the main provider of these items in Pakistan at sensible costs.


The silicon based-sun powered innovation gives you a chance to find energy emergency by giving the ceaseless supply of power. Polycrystalline responses to the requirements of Pakistani industrialists who are confronting the horrendous results of youthful energy arranging and their businesses are going to close in light of load shedding. Following are some astounding and valuable polycrystalline sun powered boards you can get from Solaxo Energy:

STP270-20/Wem: The startling item is made of 60 polycrystalline sun powered cells and proficient in furnishing relentless energy supply with watt rating 55 – 260 – 265 – 270 W. The good measurements 55 – 260 – 265 – 270 W empowers it to gather most extreme daylight while you can without much of a stretch place it in open spots or on the rooftop. It’s very beneficial, savvy, equipped, and fit for persevering 3800Pa breeze and 5400Pa snow weight.

STP320-24/Vem: It’s known as the best sun powered board for commercial utilize and uncommonly intended for setting on the housetops. The items got most extreme positive input because of its astonishing watt rating 310 – 315 – 320 W and measurements 1956 × 992 × 40 mm. STP320 is made of 72solars cell Vem arrangement module with promising expected outcomes.

Twofold Glass STP265-20/Wei: The highlights of twofold glass STPS65 are most appropriate for the developing energy request in Pakistan with watt rating 255 – 260 – 265 W. The 60-cell-twofold glass module has a warmth reinforcing glass back that makes it correlated to Pakistani climatic conditions.


These cells are made of unadulterated single precious stone Si which gives it a uniform look. The most astounding nature of silicon delivers up to four times more energy than a thin-film sun powered board. Fathoming the significance and need of monocrystalline innovation, Solaxo Energy imported distinctive sorts of monocrytalline sun oriented boards from SunTech Solar Panels to profit its clients.

STP275S-20/Web: The sun powered board is intended for both commercial and domestic uses as it gives the best watt rating up to 265 – 270 – 275 W. The productivity of the sun based board is 16.5% while it’s made of 60 cell all dark 4-busbar.

STP280S-20/Wem: The light weight of STP280S-20 makes its establishment simple while the high watt rating (270 – 275 – 280 W) and 17% execution proficiency settles on it the main decision of housetop frameworks.

STP295S-20/Wew: It’s recently outlined sunlight based board with amazing ability to withstand extraordinary climate conditions. Hypro modules are consolidated to produce it and the high watt rating 285 – 290 – 295 W empowers it to give 18% execution effectiveness.